2018 European year of cultural heritage Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Children art contest


Children and youth art contest "The Hanseatic Way" is part of musical and educational project "The Hanseatic Way: A Musical Journey Through a Shared Past". We are inviting children and youth from the former Hanseatic countries to take part in this huge international project and become co-creators of the videofilm, which will be screened during 8 concerts of the project in 7 European countries as the part of important musical and cultural festivals! This contest is a great opportunity for children to explore the culture of Hanseatic countries, participate in a large-scale collaborative creation that unites disciplines of history, music and art, and receive international visibility as well as compete for prizes.




  • The Contest is open to all children and youth aged 5-17, living in the countries, where the project concerts will take place: Vilnius, Kaunas, Rostock, Tartu, Brighton, Vienna, Riga and Duivendrecht. Children living in other Hanseatic countries are also welcome! 


  • The artworks presented to the contest should be related to the Hanseatic League theme.


  • Participants are invited to draw or paint images, landscapes, life scenes, maps, etc. of Hanseatic cities of their own country in medieval, renaissance and early baroque styles or using the elements of these styles (the list of cities of the Hanseatic League could be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanseatic_League


  • Participants can use and revise the existing historical images of Hanseatic cities, created in XV-XVII centuries, or their fragments by colouring them or transforming otherwise, adding characters and stories, using means of collage, animation or other techniques. 


  • Participants are invited to use their creativity and imagination with respect to the historical material and historical styles, as the means to connect the past and the present.


  • Participants can use the historical images of Hanseatic cities downloaded from this website  Historical images or use other historical images created in XV-XVII centuries. In the case when artworks are created referring to the historical images not from Canto Fiorito website, participants will be asked to send these images to the organisers of the Contest.


  • After finishing their artwork, participants are asked to scan it in high resolution and send it to e-mail address: administration@cantofiorito.lt by 28 February, 2019, indicating the name and family name, age, country and city of residence and e-mail address of the author. In case the digital data exceeds 10 MB, please use www.wetransfer.com to send the image.


  • Each participant may submit only one piece of artwork to this contest.


  • Each participant agrees to transfer, at no additional cost, to the organisers of the Contest his/her rights to the artwork submitted for the Contest, without any territorial or time limitations, for all forms of exploitation within the context of the project The Hanseatic Way, such as: copying; printing; distributing; publishing; modifying; altering; transferring; storing in any form of storage; using in public presentations and/or exhibitions; displaying – all of the above by whatever means and in any form and format.


  • The selected artworks and the names of their authors will be used in a videofilm screened during the concerts of the concert tour “The Hanseatic Way: a Musical Journey Through the Shared Past” in Vilnius, Kaunas, Rostock, Tartu, Brighton, Vienna, Riga and Amsterdam.


  • The selected artworks will be published on the website of the project “The Hanseatic Way: a Musical Journey Through the Shared Past”.


  • When possible, participants of the Contest will be invited to the concerts and called to the stage at the end of the concert.


  • The authors of the best artworks will receive special prizes: one Kindle reader, two books on art and souvenirs in every city, where the contest and concerts take place.


  • For inquiries, please contact administration@cantofiorito.lt



We are looking forward to receiving your artworks by 28 Februaryr, 2019!